Help Shape Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s Social Investment Strategy

Join us to discuss “flipping the focus” in the social investment world, from good financial returns, to the impact first. Joseph Rowntree Foundation has commissioned Small Change and The {...}

Debate: Do I Want You in my Sandbox?

How do we resolve the tensions between philanthropic and commercial capital- and the very different views between different investors? As more mainstream funds come into this space, who is {...}

Panel: How Patient is Patient Capital?

What products should we be looking at if we want to prioritise impact? How are we using different products such a longer form/concessional finance/blended finance? How can we drive {...}

Workshop: Bracing for Impact

How do we deal with failure? When an investment is not going well, how do investors make the trade-off between financial and social return? Come join a frank discussion {...}

Workshop: Whose Impact is it Anyway?

What are we all doing to raise the bar on impact? Are we remembering to give impact a strong enough voice on the investment committee? What’s the difference between {...}