Is Social Investment Dead Without Venture Philanthropy?

There is stagnation in the charity sector: new ideas are unable to breakthrough because grant-making in the UK is not flexible enough to promote innovation, growth, and sustainability. Without {...}

Panel: Turbo-charging Social Enterprise

What can social investors do to help develop a pipeline of social investment ready social enterprises and community businesses? The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE), with Access, will discuss {...}

Workshop: Oiling the Wheels

What are we doing to make the investment process as swift and painless as possible? What feedback are we getting about the investment process from our investees?  What is {...}

Discussion: Encouraging New Voices

A spotlight on the new voices that have emerged from the Connect Fund, that are increasingly asking the right questions of social investment. Research commissioned by the Diversity Forum {...}

Debate: Bold Commissioners

At a time of austerity, there is an even stronger case to work collaboratively. Who are the commissioners enabling positive change and what can we learn from them or {...}