Panel: Putting Social Entrepreneurs at the Heart of Social Investment

An open and interactive session to provoke thought and debate about inclusivity within social investment. Particularly focused on how to better place the social entrepreneur at the centre of {...}

Preaching to the Unconverted – moving beyond the Guardian reader

How do we improve public messaging on social investment? Doing the right thing and speaks only to those who want to do it because it is right to do good/values {...}

Challenge: Democratising Social Finance

Democratising Social Finance: mobilising individual investors (alongside institutions) Who is innovating to raise community-based investment? What are they doing about crowdfunding through community shares? Why does it sometimes work {...}

Workshop: Playing the Long Game

At The Gathering 2017, Karen Shackleton facilitated a session focused on encouraging and enabling UK pension funds to allocate 5% of their assets to social investment. The Pensions for {...}

Discussion: Building Social Investment Infrastructure

How do we make social investment work better? Who’s doing what to build the infrastructure, how does it fit together, and how do we know it’s really helping? Who {...}