Social impact management – aggregation challenges and solutions

The session will explore the important impact questions that social purpose organisations need to address and how this can assist investors and funders to aggregate at the portfolio level

Building a pipeline when your investment objectives are relatively narrow

How can we build a pipeline of social investments to consider when the objectives we’re trying to meet are very specific? Is it a matter of better or more {...}

The rules of the road for impact investment

2019 is likely to be the year when the rules of the road for impact finance are set out on a global scale – IFC have proposed principles, GIIN {...}

Connecting civil society and social investment with the people it’s for

Julia Unwin has set out the PACT challenge to civil society – how to reconnect with underserved communities, and to enable people to lead their own futures. What does {...}

Preaching to the unconverted

The messaging around social investment is very much about doing the right thing and speaks to those who want to do it because it is right to do good/values {...}