Panel: Putting Social Entrepreneurs at the Heart of Social Investment

An open and interactive session to provoke thought and debate about inclusivity within social investment. Particularly focused on how to better place the social entrepreneur at the centre of {...}

Discussion: Apps, Platforms and the Unintended Consequences of the Tech Revolution

From Fintech to Tech4Good, technology is creating new approaches and opportunities. How can social investors engage with the tech revolution and help those we invest in make better use {...}

Workshop: Bracing for Impact

How do we deal with failure? When an investment is not going well, how do investors make the trade-off between financial and social return? Come join a frank discussion {...}

Workshop: Oiling the Wheels

What are we doing to make the investment process as swift and painless as possible? What feedback are we getting about the investment process from our investees?  What is {...}

Discussion: Encouraging New Voices

A spotlight on the new voices that have emerged from the Connect Fund, that are increasingly asking the right questions of social investment. Research commissioned by the Diversity Forum {...}