Have your own Conversation for Change

Feel free to have your own “Conversation for Change” in any of the following allocated rooms LADY HESTER (pick one of 3 round tables for your conversation) MAPLE (circle {...}

Scratch my Legal Itch

An open opportunity to have a flexible, unstructured conversation with a legal expert. Conversations for Change is a series of 5 discussions and challenges inspired by ideas put forth {...}

Help Shape Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s Social Investment Strategy

Joseph Rowntree Foundation wants to align its social investment activities more directly with its overall strategic outcomes. JRF’s vision is for a prosperous UK without poverty. Its strategic outcomes {...}

Is Social Investment Dead Without Venture Philanthropy?

There is stagnation in the charity sector: new ideas are unable to breakthrough because grant-making in the UK is not flexible enough to promote innovation, growth, and sustainability. Without {...}

Preaching to the Unconverted – moving beyond the Guardian reader

How do we improve public messaging on social investment? Doing the right thing and speaks only to those who want to do it because it is right to do good/values {...}