Do we need to be more radical in our approach to achieve real change? Can our investments catalyse systemic change? There is a unique window of opportunity today to shape the new economy to make life better for future generations. Do our investments contribute to economic justice? Who is profiting from our investment, and is investment extractive or additive?

Why do the political and financial elite appear unable to address the world’s most pressing issues? Or why do we think that problems will be solved with the same thinking that has created them?

People desire communities with strong bonds, jobs which give dignity and certainty about the future. Instead they live in polluted and fragmented neighbourhoods with zero-hour contracts and no ability to save. Is it any wonder they are turning to populists?

Conversations for Change is a series of 5 discussions and challenges inspired by ideas put forth by delegates. Space is being reserved for both submitted sessions, as well as spur of the moment ideas.