An open and interactive session to provoke thought and debate about inclusivity within social investment. Particularly focused on how to better place the social entrepreneur at the centre of the investment raising process.

Social investment is so often led by the market and the needs of the investor, rarely the needs of the entrepreneur. There have been several market initiatives to try to bring these closer together (investment readiness anyone?!) but we still have two sides of the market often at odds with one another.

How do we establish a more supportive and inclusive market for social entrepreneurs wishing to access investment?

This session will seek views from both sides of the market:
-The Social Entrepreneur – we’ll hear from social entrepreneurs about their experience (good and bad) of raising investment, what the market looks like from their perspective, and how it could adapt to ensure it better meets their needs and demands.
– The Social Investor – in response to this we’ll invite the social investors in the room to outline what they currently do to put the social entrepreneur at the heart of what they do and engage in impact methods, tools and thinking. What would you like to be doing more of? What is stopping you from getting there?

We’ll see if we can find a middle ground between these two ends of the market and explore what is stopping us from getting there.

One thought on “Panel: Putting Social Entrepreneurs at the Heart of Social Investment

  1. I think this is really important. Hatch would be really interested to shape the conversation around this. Helping social entrepreneurs build better, more resilient and sustainable ventures is key. But the “tried and tested” models need to be expanded on. Consultancy-led approaches didn’t work (investment readiness), light tough approaches only work to an extent and participant-led approaches are still new.

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