In this challenge, we will explore:

  • How do you define ‘place?’ Should any place-based approach be demand led or aligned with the government’s new growth deal focus areas?
  • What placed-based funding models have worked in the past or not? Funding SMEs and social enterprises in deprived areas through CDFI model or Local investment Funds?
  • What roles(s) could Big Society Capital most effectively play in a space where many other stakeholders are active?
  • Could a ‘place-based challenge’ approach be effective?

Output: A set of questions BSC need to answer in order to establish a the right approach for developing a place-based strategy – what are the choices and trade-offs? 


Reading list (more to come):

SIB Group ‘Place-based Social Investment models’ (2013) a prospectus for growing the local social economy

SIB Group and The Work Foundation, ‘People or Place’ (2012)

Inclusive Economy Commission: Emerging Findings (2013)

(Jan 2016), Dave Boyle and Tony Greenham, Towards a people-powered prosperity

PWC (Dec 2015), The sustainability of Community Development Finance Institutions

Big Society Capital (May 2015), Tackling financial exclusion: Lessons from the US

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